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Augmented Reality
Solutions of augmented reality Microsoft HoloLens for industrial enterprises and educational institutions
Virtual Reality
Safety training and training courses for staff in a virtual reality
Video 360
Spherical 360-degree video for remote excursions to industrial and tourist sites
Mobile AR/VR applications
Mobile applications with augmented and virtual reality
The development of introductory, primary, repeated and targeted safety briefings in a virtual reality format is the reduction of hazards associated with the life and health of workers. Immersion in a virtual environment allows you to speed up the perception of information by 30%.

labor protection and industrial safety

Virtual instructions

We create digital counterparts of enterprises using augmented reality technology. Simulation modeling makes it possible to effectively train managers in the application of the theory of limiting systems in practice.

in augmented reality format Microsoft HoloLens


With the help of spherical video and virtual reality, you can visit all branches of the enterprise in a few minutes. Remote excursions can reduce travel expenses, optimize staff time costs and create a positive company image for investors.

in 360 video format

Remote Tours

Developing mobile AR applications for entertainment, corporate events and education is an opportunity to present your information in a new, unforgettable format.

with augmented and virtual reality

Mobile applications

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