Virtual Reality

The disadvantages of classic briefings

Imperfect learning processes for safe labor practices can lead to accidents at work.
Low perception
Неспособность эффективного восприятия информации, связанная с низкой заинтересованностью при подаче учебного материала в виде классических лекций и презентаций.
Long terms
Introductory briefing at a number of industrial enterprises can take from 3 to 5 working days. With a complete separation from the production activities of employees.
Every year, 250 workers are killed at Kazakhstani enterprises, and another 1,500 people are injured, leading to disability.


virtual reality instruction
According to the research conducted by Samsung Electronics, total immersion in a virtual environment increases the level of users' perception of information by 30%. Increased interest and users is achieved through the mechanisms of gamification processes.
Cost reduction
The technology of virtual reality allows not only to shorten the training period from several days to several hours, but also to reduce the costs associated with the wear and tear of equipment and demonstration stands used for conducting briefings
Virtual reality technology makes it possible to conduct any kind of briefing without the risks associated with the threat to life and health of personnel. Users can work out actions in emergency situations and man-made disasters.
To consolidate educational material and skills, the user can re-take the course the required number of times. The system allows you to give an objective assessment of all user actions in virtual reality with entry in an electronic journal.


For project implementation, we use innovations from global manufacturers of virtual reality equipment.
VR helemets
Head-mounted displays complete with controllers and a head and position tracking system.
VR platforms
Sites where users can move and run in the virtual space as well as in the real world.
VR Ready Laptops
Professional laptops with top performance and high performance.
Standalone gadgets
Standalone VR helmets are virtual reality wirelessly for connecting to computers.
Motion capture
Technology Leap Motion - the ability to interact with virtual objects using hands.
Мультиплеерные решения
VR площадки для взаимодействия нескольких пользователей одновременно.
Virtual Instructions
Completed projects